Media Reviews Acrobatics-Act

“The two put on a spectacularly harmonic performance as living sculptures… Smooth and as if defying gravity, one figure following the other. At the end, the Scacciapensieri duo got the biggest applause.”
Varieté Seidenfaden, Wochenzeitung Krefeld

“With its powerful and highly expressive acrobatics, the Duo Scacciapensieri leads the audience into mystical dream worlds…”
Varieté GOP Hannover, Hann. Allg. Zeitung

“The highlight of the program in the GOP Hannover: the Duo Scacciapensieri!”

“…in black, skintight costumes, they enchanted the audience. With elegance and sensuousness, their bodies intertwined, often holding one another in perfect balance. Their breathtaking show got thunderous applause.”
Varieté Pegasus, Bensheimer Anzeiger

“The Swiss Duo Scacciapensieri, especially, presented world-class acrobatics…”
Sportveranstaltung, Reutte

“The highlight of the GOP: The Swiss acrobatics Duo Scacciapensieri, which will cause any hobby gymnast to turn green with envy.”
Varieté GOP Hannover, Neue Presse Hannover

“When a program consists only of top-class acts, then it’s difficult to single out a highlight. Still, the performance of the Duo Scacciapensieri is exceptional. The two artists, a man and a woman, already won the prized “Prix Walo” for extraordinary artistic achievements. Portraying living sculptures, they balanced each other’s bodies in the air in all kinds of possible and impossible positions. What they show is a combination of sheer physical strength and absolute body control.”
Varieté de Bâle, Muttenzer Anzeiger

“…In shiny black bodysuits, which cleverly reflect the glow from the spotlights, the Duo Scacciapensieri presents a show that’s bursting with acrobatic finesse.”
Morgenpost Hamburg

“The “Living Sculptures” act of the acrobatic Duo Scacciapensieri is without a doubt one of the highlights of the Variété am Seepark, which Sebastian the Magician is currently staging for the fourth time.”
Varieté am Seepark, Badische Zeitung

“The ultimate highlight was the show of the acrobats of the Duo “Scacciapensieri” …”
Badener Tagblatt

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