Unicycle show “A Unicycle for Two”

In its fabulously unique unicycle act, the Duo Scacciapensieri presents astonishing stunts on the unicycle. This masterly balance act combines artistic highlights with screamingly comic elements and has taken many an audience’s breath away. Flirting with danger, always on the edge of disaster, the Duo Scacciapensieri (Italian for “those who drive your worries away”) really lives up to its name with this performance.

At the Unicycle World Championships in Minneapolis (USA),the Duo Scacciapensieri received a Special Prize for its unique unicycle act.
In 1999, they participated in the largest international Comedy Festival in Montreal (Canada).

Technical data:

Space Requirement: 6m x 6m
Height: 4m
Duration of act: 10 – 30 minutes

More informations: info@akrobatik.ch